Paris Dylan Tells loaded All About Life As An Instagram ‘It’ Girl

Instagram star Paris Dylan
Paris Dylan A big deal on Instagram. Image Paris Dylan/Instagram

Paris Dylan is an Instagram phenomenon in her own right with 372,000 followers to her name and a pretty impressive website showcasing her work as a model to date.

The 22-year-old California-born star, who once went by the name Paris Roxanne, is so much more than just a pretty face though and loaded thought it was high time everyone found out a little bit more about the woman with a passion for all things 1960s.

Here’s what Dylan – no relation to Bob – had to say.


loaded: Can you tell us a little bit more about how you became so famous on Instagram?

Dylan: My pictures did it. 

loaded: You have featured on an episode of Catfish before – what’s the story behind that?

Dylan: I am considered the most faked person on the internet, so someone was using my photos to catfish a guy of course.

Being a total babe for my bae. ? @mmason_photography #stevebuscemi #beachbabe #forguysmag

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loaded: Do people often pretend to be you then? Does that not freak you out a little bit or is it flattering?

Dylan: I have fake accounts of me EVERYWHERE. People say it is a compliment but to me I actually don’t like it, I really hate all those fake accounts.

loaded: Your name is inspired by ‪Bob Dylan – any favourite Dylan tracks?

Dylan: Yes, I love Mr Tambourine Man. Bob is so amazing.

loaded: You also say you love 1960s music – what would be your top five LPs to listen to from that era?

Dylan:  1. The Monkees – The Monkees

             2. Head – The Monkees

             3. Mr Tambourine Man – The Byrds

             4. Begin Here – The Zombies

             5. Highway 61 Revisited – Bob Dylan 

loaded: As someone who struggles to take even the simplest of photos, could you offer any tips on how to take the best photos on Instagram?

Dylan: Well of course it’s all about lighting! Also people tend to over edit their photos and think people don’t notice. That’s a no no.

loaded: You must get some weird/creepy messages from fans – what’s the weirdest you can remember? Has any of it ever gone too far?

Dylan: Eh, I’ve never had anything TOO creepy or weird. Everyone’s always pretty nice, nothing’s ever gone too far. 

loaded: You must work out quite a lot – what’s your daily fitness regime like?

Dylan: Well when I force myself to work out I just use the treadmill. 

loaded: Do you have to be careful what you eat? What sort of stuff do you tend to go for?

Dylan: Well, I’m not careful with what I eat [laughs], I’m careful with the amount of what I eat

50 years ?⚡️ #StarTrek

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loaded: As far as we understand it, you are also an avid comic book fan – who are your favourite characters and why?

Dylan: I love Loki just because Tom Huddleston was so sexy when he played him [laughs]. Also I love Batman and Wonder Woman of course.

loaded: Are you looking forward ‪to the Wonder Woman movie? Would you ever like to appear in a comic book movie and if so which one?

Dylan: I’ve actually never seen any of the WW movies and probably won’t see this one.. but I’d like to play Wonder Woman of course hehe. 

loaded: Do you think it’s cool to be a comic book geek in 2017.

Dylan: YES! It’s only getting bigger anyway. It’s awesome.

loaded: If you could only eat one type of food for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

Dylan: Can I say Del Taco? In that case, Del Taco 

loaded: What’s the one TV show you can’t live without?

Dylan: Most of the shows on TLC

loaded: Paris, thanks for speaking to loaded today.

You can keep up to date with everything Paris Dylan related via Instagram or her website.

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