Parents in Scotland are naming their babies after Avengers and Game Of Thrones villains

Some of the most despicable names ever uttered on screen are getting a second life.

Ramsay Snow and Loki
Villainous baby names Ramsay Snow and Loki are making surprise newborn babies. Image HBO/Marvel/Disney

Naming newborn babies after pop culture figures is not a new concept, but parents in Scotland are taking the practice in a strange direction by drawing inspiration from some of the most villainous characters to grace Game Of Thrones and the Avengers.

According to the list of forenames for new babies born north of the border in 2015, it would appear that some of the most dastardly folk to ever exist among the seven kingdoms and Marvel universe have collected some surprising fans.

Over the 12-month period, six babies born with the name Loki have arrived in what is surely a nod to Tom Hiddleston’s meddlesome character from the Thor and Avengers movie franchises.

More alarming still, though, is the news that some seven children were named Ramsay in 2015.

Whether this is a knowing nod to Iwan Reon’s Ramsay Snow/Bolton is unclear but, if correct, then it’s concerning to think that a serial murderer/torturer/do-er of all things evil was the inspiration behind any child’s name.

Marion Cotillard in The Dark Knight Rises
Batman villain Are parents naming their kids Talia after Marion Cotillard's Dark Knight Rises baddie? Image Picture Warner Bros

Meanwhile, some rather niche Batman fans may also be residing in Scotland with as many as 15 Talias and three Thalias also born in 2015 it what could – and we stress could – be a knowing nod to one Talia Al Ghul. That’s one for the more well-read Dark Knight fans out there.

It’s not all doom and gloom though with 47 Aryas born along with one Thor and five Hobbit-inspired Thorins.

Game of Thrones The trailer for season six of the fantasy drama series.

Eddard, Brienne and Catelyn all feature and ensure the Game Of Thrones references keep on coming while there is even a Theon on the list which given the, erm, developments surrounding good old Greyjoy could easily be applied to either a boy or a girl. No sign of any Reeks on the list either.

Game of Thrones is returning for a sixth season on April 24.

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