Paranormal Date Is A Dating Website For All Your Ghostly Needs

You Are Not Alone

Ever kiss a ghost?
Ghost These folks were onto something Image Paramount Pictures

Paranormal Date is a website dedicated to helping those who are passionate about the other side meet someone on this one. With the hope that they make magical things happen-or find aliens. As far as we know, you’re not able to hook up with the undead.

The website tag line says, “Find your match that shares an interest in the paranormal, science, life after death, ghost stories, Bigfoot, UFO’s, alternative medicine and conspiracy theories.”

The dating forum is the brainchild of American radio DJ George Noory who hosts a radio show called Coast to Coast AM. Almost all his programs are centered on paranormal activity, so it makes sense that Noory would establish a website aimed at his listeners and interests.

Paranormal Date’s Facebook page features success stories of members who have found their significant other here on earth. “I joined Paranormal Date and posted myself. I am a retired PGA/LPGA Golf Professional, Paranormal Investigator and a sensitive.” reads one post.

Turns out this lady with varying interests and talents met her match in a fellow “sensitive,” thanks to Paranormal Date.

The site was launched last year and has a little over 1000 likes on Facebook, so there’s still time to grow. But they are most likely aware of their fate anyway. What do we know?

So if you hunt ghouls and spectres on the weekends and are looking for a partner in grime, then this is the place for you. 

Stay tuned, loaded just might try it out.

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