Paolo Di Canio sacked by Sky Italia after showing fascist tattoo

"Dux" gets him in hot water.

Paolo Di Canio has been sacked for showing off his fascist tattoo The West Ham legend's ink refers to Italian dictator Mussolini Image Creative Commons

Paolo Di Canio has been causing controversy again, this time after showing off his fascist tattoo on Italian TV.

The West Ham legend has been suspended from his job as a pundit by Sky Italia after revealing offensive ink on air.

The tattoo contains the words “dux”, which refers to “II Duce” – the title used by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini.

The 48-year-old is well known for his right-wing political views, having being fined by Lazio in 2005 for making fascist salutes.

Jacques Raynaud, Sky Sports executive vice-president, said of the sacking: “We made a mistake, we are sorry to all who were hurt.

“After speaking at length to Di Canio, and despite his professionalism and his expertise regarding football, we have decided together to suspend the partnership.”

Sunderland fans will remember that Di Canio refused to clarify his political views when he took over as manager in 2013.

The incident confirms his status as one of the most controversial players and managers of the past 20 years. He scored some classic goals too – watch one of the best below:

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