Celebrate Shrove Tuesday With This Sensational Pancake Bacon Cheeseburger

Throw in a fried egg and you're somewhere close to pancake day heaven.

The Horny Ram Pancake Burger.Image The Horny Ram/Facebook

Pancake Day is about one thing and one thing only: eating as many pancakes as you can.

Sure, there might be some sort of religious significance to Shrove Tuesday, but for most folk it simply serves as the perfect excuse to eat pancakes by the stack-load.

It’s basically Christmas, except with pancakes in place of presents. 

In a way it’s better than Christmas too – it’s cheaper, tastier and never disappoints. It’s also an opportunity for the foodies out there to flex their culinary muscles.

Foodies like the chefs over at the Horny Ram in Manhattan, New York.

A few years back they came up with a unique and totally American spin on the classic pancake: the pancake burger.

It’s not technically a pancake burger, more a pancake bacon cheeseburger. With an egg on top. Because they never do things by halves in America.

Add a thick drizzle of maple syrup and you have everything you need for the ultimate brunch/lunch/dinner option for anyone seeking to up their pancake game.

The Horny Ram really push the boat out with their pancake burger; grass-fed hamburger meat from New Jersey beef supplier Pat LaFrieda is used alongside pancakes made using butter milk.

It makes for a delicious and surprisingly solid burger, despite the copious amount of maple syrup on top. It’s also exactly the sort of thing you can make for yourself in your own kitchen.

If the idea of a pancake burger still hasn’t grabbed you, then the clip of the chefs over at the Horny Ram putting their culinary creation together should do the trick.

Beef. Bacon. Cheese. Pancakes. Each of these ingredients, alone, sound delicious. Combine them all together and you have something very, very special. Like a when all the Power Rangers combined to form that giant robot thing.

So, if the usual assortment of syrups, jams and chocolate spreads aren’t quite grabbing you this February 13th, why not try something different and totally obscene.

Screw the calories – this is about celebrating tradition. Just keep telling yourself that and you’ll be fine.

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