Pamela Anderson Courts Controversy With Poem “Celebrating Femininity”

The Baywatch legend has emerged as something of a poet of late.

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Pamela Anderson’s latest poem “Celebrating Femininity” has courted controversy after offering up a series of outspoken views on the role of women in society. 

Or at least, that’s how the prose, published on the Baywatch star’s personal website, might be interpreted in any case. 

Anderson has emerged as something of an online beat poet of late, having recently penned a similar piece on the subject of Sweden and Julian Assange, in particular.

Her latest work appears on the slightly more controversial side, however, with Anderson’s piece offering up some contentious views on the role of women in society.

Is the 49-year-old poking fun at society? Offering up a tongue-in-cheek assessment of men and women in modern times?

It’s difficult to know for sure, but the lines are certainly interesting to say the least.

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Here’s arguably the most controversial extract from the full poem, which can be viewed in its entirety, along with her other works, here:

“Women are not interested in the Male power struggle—

Putting women into the workforce reduced wages (around late 70’s onward)

And made us slaves to the work force—

Does a middle class woman want to be a garbage man- or a high voltage line worker?—

probably not. – It is the wealthier class that wishes to ‘break glass ceilings’ for a more lucrative or better position at work? 

I don’t get it.

I don’t believe we are any happier this way.

Let men be men- and let women be women-

Women competing with men- does not help us— We have better things to do- like being mothers. 

Men need to protect us-

stay committed as best they can (we are human),

and care for us and our children properly.

that is what makes a man sexy to me— 

I need a real MAN-

so, I can be a Woman-

We are different for good reasons. 

We need each other like puzzle pieces.

To inspire greatness in each other.

It is much more sensual-

to be who we are—

and, It also won’t

emasculate men- (my mom said it’s not a great idea to make more money than your man/ if you do- don’t tell him? Ha!)

This makes the sexual dynamic stronger—…”

There’s been little to no reaction to the poem online as yet, but Anderson is likely to face questions over the meaning of the piece. loaded just hopes she has some answers.

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