Pair Arrested For Tattooing Message On Thief’s Forehead

The thief begged them to break his arms or legs but what they did was far worse.

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A pair of vigilante tattoo artists from Portugal look set to pay the price for taking the law into their own hands after apprehending a thief.

The two men caught the teenager attempting to steal a bike from a disabled man and decided to leave him with a lasting reminder of what he had done.

One of the pair, tattoo artist Maycon Wesley, decided to ink the words “I am a thief and a loser” on the boy’s body.

But while tattooing those particular words on his skin is bad enough, the pair took things to a whole new level of wrong after deciding to tattoo the message on the boy’s forehead.

It read “I am a thief and a loser” and, if the pictures released and video uploaded online are anything to go by, it was an incredibly painful and disturbing form of punishment that was tantamount to torture.



“I asked them to make the tattoo on my arm but they said they would do it on my forehead and started laughing,” the boy recalls.

“I begged them to break my arms and legs instead.”

Captured as part of a video that has since gone viral online, the pair have at least now been brought to justice having been arrested on charges of torture.

A boy with a tattoo on his forehead.
Truly horrific Did the theft of a bike really warrant this?

They are likely to receive stiff prison sentences as a result of their actions while it’s unclear as to whether the boy involved will be able to get the message removed.

In any case, it’s likely to be a long and extremely painful process.

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