Watch Golfer Paige Spiranac Pull Off An Impressive Bikini Golf Trick Shot

The golf rebel continues to defy her critics while standing for some important causes.

Paige Spiranac in action.

The world of sport needs more people like golfer Paige Spiranac.

A colourful character and one looking to shine a light on women’s golf, she’s courted plenty of controversy along the way too but has stayed true to herself.

The main gripe appears to be with her on-course attire. Apparently, some of the stuffy types in charge of the sport aren’t happy with the amount of skin she’s been showing on the course.

Things came to a head last year when the LPGA introduced a new dress code for female players. Under the new rules, female pros are no longer allowed to wear shirts with plunging necklines, leggings, or short skirts.

Spiranac has since found the perfect way to stick two fingers up to those naysayers though, via a stunning spread in the 2018 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

The pictures are stunning, while the golf supremo has given her haters short shrift on social media, taking to Twitter to answer the haters.

“Different women feel empowered in different ways and it’s not right to tell someone what they can and cannot do,” she tweeted.

“It’s more about the person you are and not the clothes you decide or not decide to wear. My body, my choice.”

In any case, Sports Illustrated has now moved to further emphasise the fundamental point here – that Spiranac is a damn fine golfer.

Further proof of that was provided by an impressive trick shot video recorded by Spiranac during her shoot with Sports Illustrated.

In the clip, the 24-year-old pulls off a series of super-accurate shots before pulling off arguably her most impressive trick shot, repeatedly catching the ball on her bikini.

Of course, the video won ‘t be to everyone’s taste, but it sounds like Spiranac couldn’t care less.

“I embrace who I am,” she recently told Esquire. “I embrace the fact that I feel empowered feeling sexy.”

The golfer is an ambassador for The Cybersmile Foundation – an organisation set up to deal with bullying. Now if she could only find a way to deal with those bullies over at the LPGA.

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