Video: Paige and Charlotte attempt to explain WWE to Phillip Schofield

"How real is it?"

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Paige in the ring Her dad is not happy with her Image Picture WWE

WWE is about to make an impact in the UK with a country-wide tour – but before that, it needs to explain pro-wrestling to Phillip Schofield and This Morning viewers.

Two-time WWE Divas Champion (and Norwich born) Paige and current Women’s Champion Charlotte hit the ITV sofa today to give Schofield and co-host Ruth Langsford a quick education on all things wrestling.

What follows is a comedy goldmine, as the man who once shared a broom cupboard with Gordon the Gopher freely admitted “This is not a world I know an awful lot about”.

“We should say your dad is Ric Flair,” Schofield said, seconds after Langsford had just finished speaking to Charlotte about the very topic.

“What do we say about the Divas – is that a label you like?” Langsford quizzed.

“The term has been retired and we’re now Superstars,” said Charlotte. “We’re equal to the men.”

“There’s an attack, you bring somebody down, but you’ve got to do it properly – otherwise you’ll kill ’em!”

Schofield then asked how much of WWE is real, prompting Paige to reply: “I’ll show you. Come on, let’s go!” A threat that presumably turned Schofield’s hair even greyer.

“This is a question I have asked a number of wrestlers in the past, and I have ended up in a ring, and I have ended up on my back and it does, really really hurt,” Schofield admitted. “But a lot of it, back to that drama: there’s an attack, you do bring somebody down, but you’ve got to do it properly – otherwise you’ll kill ’em!”

After a second of awkward silence, Charlotte then promised Schofield that training through the proper performance centres would keep him safe. If this whole TV presenting lark doesn’t work out.

WWE Raw kicks off at The O2 in London tonight with SmackDown following on Tuesday.

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