Owning A Pet Could Make You More Attractive To Women

Certain pets make you more attractive, but others can be a BIG turn off...

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If you’ve ever owned a pet, you’ll know that looking after a dog, a cat, even a goldfish, can be the best thing ever.

However, have you ever thought about the effect it’s having on your love life?

A new scientific study has been conducted, which attempts to find whether owning a pet makes you more, or less attractive to the opposite sex.

The findings, compiled by Petsies, show that women find men who own certain types of dogs more attractive – but other types can be BIG turn offs.

In fact, the study shows that women find men pictured with puppies ‘24 percent sexier’, but were actively put off guys when they discovered they owned larger dogs.

The study reads: “Men certainly got an uptick in attractiveness when photographed with puppies but were considered nearly 24 percent sexier when shot with these tiny balls of fluff. No other pet came close to making men seem more delectable.”

Pets make you more attractive? Do they make you more attractive? Image Pinterest

It continued: “Photos of men holding puppies were seen as over 13 percent more attractive, around three times more than small and medium dogs and four times more than cats, kittens, and large dogs. You might be stuck cleaning up after puppies or teaching them to go potty outside, but it could be worth it for all the extra attention your Instagram pictures might get.”

So, if you want to be a hit with the ladies, your best bet is to get yourself a puppy or a small dog, and steer clear of the larger breeds like Great Danes or Mastiffs.

See the full results of the study below:

Study findings
Petsies Study findings Image Petsies

On other hand, it turns out that men find women who own medium sized dogs more attractive, while they’re actively put off by women who own cats.

“Participants who were attracted to women didn’t think seeing a cat or kitten in a photo improved their perception of the person featured. In the eight traits examined, cats were the least likely to improve the perception of a woman in six of them (75 percent).”

So there you have it – whether your male or female, owning small or medium sized dogs makes you more attractive, while large dogs and cats can be real turn-offs.

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