Oscar Nominee Becomes Shock Addition To Predator Remake Cast

A couple of years ago Jacob Tremblay was a complete unknown.

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Before 2015’s Room arrived, 10-year-old actor Jacob Tremblay was a largely unknown, jobbing child actor.

However, that all changed overnight, thanks to his performance as Jack Newsome in the harrowing Lenny Abrahamson drama.

Nomated for a host of awards, the film put Tremblay on the map to such an extent that, rather than fade away like other memorable child stars before him (Haley Joel Osment anyone?) he appears to be going from strength-to-strength.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that Tremblay has just been cast in Shane Black’s eagerly awaited Predator film.

Oscar Jacob Tremblay, Shan Christopher Ogilvie, Benjamin Cleary and Abraham Attah
Winners Room star Jacob Tremblay, Shan Christopher Ogilvie, Benjamin Cleary and Abraham Attah pose with an Oscar. Image Picture Jason Merritt/Getty Images


Among the cast of the original film, Black has carved out a reputation as one of the best screenwriters in Hollywood in the years since, penning everything from Lethal Weapon through to Iron Man 3 and The Nice Guys.

The casting of Tremblay nevertheless a surprising turn of events.

Predator and Predator 2 were both notable for their violent, adult-orientated settings and themes while the recent Predators followed a similar pattern.

The casting of a 10-year-old boy could therefore offer up an indication of the direction the new movie may be headed in – e.g. PG-13 territory.

A bloodless movie more in keeping with Aliens vs Predator: Requiem could prove the end result, though there is room to be optimistic about the wider cast.

Boyd Holbook is set to star alongside Olivia Munn with Keegan-Michael Key and Thomas Jane also set to appear.

Munn day Every day is like Munn day...

With Black on board, things should be fine, but the casting of Tremblay is an interesting twist at the very least.

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