The original version of Piranha 3DD had a hilarious Rick Astley cameo finale

Budget cuts ultimately put paid to plans for a cameo from the 80s pop phenomenon.

Rick Astley was supposed to be in Piranha 3DD
Piranha 3DD starring... Rick Astley, apparently.

Piranha 3DD may not have lived up to it’s predecessor, Piranha 3D, but aside from the absence of Kelly Brook the finished film was also missing another key element – Rick Astley.

Co-written by Marcus Dunstan, whose previous credits include Feast and Saw 3D among others, the original brief had been to create a movie that was bigger and better than Alexandre Aja’s well-received original.

“The development process was basically, a group of us drove to a water park – this huge water park – It was amazing, just the grandeur and scale.”

“From there we were tasked with coming up with the worst and strangest ideas for what would happen if Piranha got in here.”

From day one, David Hasselhoff was written into the film, playing a semi-autobiographical version of himself as a celebrity lifeguard turned eventual hero.

But while the Hoff did remain in the finished movie, much of Dunstan’s plans went out the window by the time it came to filming.

“From when we were only involved in the first draft to the time it went to shoot the budget had been cut to a third and the schedule cut in half, Which meant fewer celebrity cameos and no Rick Astley.”

In the original script, which had the film set inside a mega water park, rather than the more modest one that features, Astley played an integral role in proceedings.

“Near the end of the movie, there was going to be a cue for this really big performance at that was set up to sent this crowd crazy and get them excited about wet and wild (the Springbreak-themed party).

“In the script, Rick is backstage but he doesn’t know what his cue to come on is and he just assumes that when he hears all these screams that is the moment to start. The curtains part and it’s ‘never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.’

“Except everyone is screaming and covered in blood. Soon people start trying to grab things on the stage like his amplifiers which go in the water and set off more chaos.”

Whether Astley, who has since enjoyed something of a chart renaissance, would have been up for sending himself up in the film and perhaps meeting a grizzly Piranha-related end is anyone’s guess but it certainly would have made for a better movie.

Fortunately, another of Dunstan’s original ideas did make it into the finished film with the moment one guy discovers a piranha hiding inside his girlfriend’s vagina proving to be one of the more memorable moments.

“It was a more overt nod to Humanoids from the Deep,” Dunstan explains. “That idea of that one monster that has found a unique way to survive.”

But what we found was that while a lot of water parks were fine with us filming violence, they did not like the nudity.

“So with that particular piranha scene, we had to find a way to get it in the apartment.

“But the director did a remarkable job and they found a way to deliver that particular scene in a surprising way – Katrina Bowden (of 30 Rock and the unfortunate recipient of the Piranha) was great.”

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