Oreo Beer Is Here And It Sounds Bloody Brilliant

The popular biscuit treats have been channelled into one fine looking brew.

The Hornswoggler from the Veil Brewing Company
The Hornswoggler From the Veil Brewing Company. Image The Veil Brewing Co.

Ever found yourself enjoying a late night beer with a couple of biscuits on the side? What? Just us? Oh, well there’s good news anyway.

Because some bloody genius over in the US of A – not the Donald – has come up with a beer that incorporates Oreo cookies into the recipe.

Created by the Virginia-based Veil Brewing Company, the new tipple is called the Hornswoggler Chocolate Milk Stout With Oreos.


And, according to Fox News, the new brew has proven so popular they have sold out already.

Never fear though because the company is already fast at work brewing up a new batch.

Using the latest high-tech brewing methods, the company starts by taking their seven per cent robust chocolate milk stout before conditioning it with around 100 pounds of Oreo biscuits.


The result is an alcoholic drink that has already attracted plenty of interest online and in person and could yet find its way to the UK.

Stouts are a particularly popular choice of drink on British shores and even if this Oreo-led incarnation doesn’t make it over the Atlantic, a few similar style brews could be on the cards.

Something custard cream led, perhaps? No? That’s just us then.

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