Here’s How To Open A Beer With A New £5 Note

Never use a bottle opener ever again.

The new £5 note
The new £5 note You need this in your life Image Ebay

The Bank of England certainly wasn’t expecting the backlash it received after releasing the new £5 note this year…

Everyone seemed quite taken with the shiny new notes at first, but then it was revealed that they contained animal fats, and suddenly loads of people were put off. However, a new use has been revealed for the new notes that everyone can agree on…

It turns out you can open a bottle if beer using the crisp new notes, which we think you’ll agree is pretty damn cool.

“That’s impossible! How?!” we hear you ask… well, here’s what you need to do.

If you fancy impressing your relatives this Christmas, take out a crispy new £5, or any note for that matter, and fold it in half down the middle.

Next, roll the dollar into a thin, tight roll. After folding the roll in half, you’re left with a surprisingly hard implement which can be used to prise open beer bottles.  

Watch it demonstrated using a dollar bill below:

It’s pretty badass, and sure beats using a bottle opener.

Make sure you don’t do it too often though – it could end up becoming a pretty expensive habit.

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