This is the one thing all men are doing wrong in bed, according to science

This is the big mistake you never know you were making.

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A brand new sex study has discovered that all men are making a huge error in the bedroom – but don’t worry, it’s easier to fix than you’d think.

Of all the possible turn offs, it turns out that women hate it when men don’t cuddle after sex.

According to a study conducted by Robin Milhausen Ph.D and Trojan condoms, cuddling can make a huge difference in enjoying lovemaking, and can be just as important as foreplay.

2,400 people were involved in the study, and 71% women who cuddled for 6 to 10 minutes after sex rated the experience as “very pleasurable”.

However, only 41% of women who cuddled for a shorter amount of time rated their experience as highly.

Lovehoney sex toy advert couple having sexAccording to Milhausen, men can harm women’s self-esteem when they fail to cuddle after making love.

“It’s one of the easiest things you can do to improve your relationship,” she told Men’s Health.

“It’s a really important, but often missed, opportunity for connection.”

It’s a problem effecting a lot of people too – more than half the people surveyed admitted they didn’t cuddle for more than five minutes, while 17% admitted they didn’t cuddle at all.

Come on lads, up your cuddling game.

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