One In 10 College Students Have Had Sex With Their Professors, Study Says

There are some bad teachers out there.

Cameron Diaz in Bad Teacher
Bad Teacher Cameron Diaz would blush at some of this. Image Columbia Pictures

College and university is meant to be a time in a young man or woman’s life when they educate themselves and become fully-fledged, rounded adults.

Who knew so much of this learning process involved boffing their lecturer or professor?

According to a survey conducted by CollegeStats, the quest for knowledge extends to the bedroom, and the guiding hand of an older man or woman between the sheets.

Of 2,000 current or former college students surveyed 14.04% said they’d had an inappropriate relationship with a teacher or teaching assistant, with 45.45% saying the affair was initiated by the tutor.

Teacher Student Affair Stats

These figures are all derived from the US, so maybe it’s just randy Americans who have a thing for a teacher/student affair.

On that note, 63.6% of students said the motivation for sleeping with an educator was mutual attraction, 26.5% pegged it as for a thrill/excitement and 4.7% merely said they weren’t sure.

Of the subjects taught by the teachers in these relationships, 19.6% taught sciences, 14.3% mathematics and 13,8% English and literature.

Maybe it’s just all to do with chemistry? (Sorry).

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