One Hour Of Running A Day Can Add THREE Years To Your Life

Better dust off those trainers...

Running Just harmless fun, right? Wrong. Image pixabay

An hour of running a day can keep the doctor away, according to a new study.

“In general, runners have a 25%–40% reduced risk of premature mortality and live approximately 3 years longer than non-runners”, according to researchers from Iowa State University. 

Thee research looked at 55,000 men and women aged 18 – 100 over 15 years and concluded that running is the best bet for a long and healthy life. 


Just one hour adds SEVEN to your life plus you burn about 850 calories within that time.

“We found runners showed bigger significant reductions in mortality than people that are active in other types of exercise,” said co-author Duck-chul Lee.

How does it help us to achieve this? Well, running combats many of the main causes of early death, including high blood pressure and obesity. 

You don’t have to be Usain Bolt either, a steady jog does the trick as well, just get out there and pound the pavement.

Running a marathon though, can wreak havoc on your kidneys claims another study, which found that 82% of runners after a marathon had evidence of stage 1 acute kidney injury.

Though short term, its still better to stay hydrated during an event like that. Especially everyone running the London Marathon on the 23rd of April. 

Aside from the living a long time thing, running can greatly improve your sex life, as loaded explored previously. Running can help increase testosterone production in men which aids in sexual performance and drive.

Get out there people! 

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