One guy’s appreciation of Airplane! cost him a potential girlfriend

Surely not! Don’t call me Shirley.

Lloyd Bridges in AirplaneImage Paramount

When it comes to spoof movies, they don’t come much better than 1980’s Airplane!

The brainchild of filmmakers David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker, the film kick-started a glorious era of spoof movies including the likes of Top Secret, Hot Shots and, of course, Naked Gun.

These films remain firm favourites among comedy fans, helped by some inspired visual gags and a few equally brilliant one-liners.

Some 36 years on and Airplane! remains as funny as ever, a film capable of bringing people together in moments of shared laughter.

Or at least that was what we thought, until now, because it would appear that certain members of the younger generation are not taking too kindly to this comedy classic.

In fact, one rather unfortunate guy on Imgur, WalkerLillard, lost a potential girlfriend over his love of Airplane! and the story behind it might leave you feeling sad, old or both:

“Have been talking to a girl for a few weeks. Turns out that neither her nor her roommates have ever seen Airplane (one of my favorite movies.)

“I bring the movie over, we all sit down, and begin to watch. Like always I’m cracking up, but the look on all 3 of their faces was appalled. Throughout the movie, they began to complain to one another about the film. They were complaining so much, you couldn’t hear the dialogue

“Turns out, I ‘triggered’ each of these girls and they were all disgusted by this film…

“The film was too racist, sexiest, ableist, and ‘downright idiotic’ for their tastes.

“Shirley I thought they were kidding, but they ended up screaming at me that I was disrespectful for showing them this film. I decided to stand up, take my movie back, and walk straight out without saying a damn word.

“Now I’m watching it again by myself. anyone want to join?”

Buddy, we feel your pain but in the long run this will work out. In the meantime, why not give Airplane 2 a go. It’s got William Shatner in it.

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