Olympic synchronized swimmer goes viral with strip tease at practice

Anna Voloshyna never signed up for this sort of attention.

Health experts warn that Brazilian authorities are downplaying the Zika virus epidemic amid concerns over the impact it will have on revenue from the Olympics – LoadedImage Photo Matthew Stockman

Ukrainian synchronised swimmer Anna Voloshyna has unwittingly emerged as an Olympic Games sex symbol of sorts after a jokey “strip tease” she opted to share on social media went viral.

The 24-year-old sent Instagram into quite the spin after sharing a video of herself, appearing to strip off in a seductive way ahead of a practice session with her team.

Posted alongside the caption “having good humour is a precondition for good training” the clip has since gone viral with Voloshyna becoming something of an overnight sensation.

At present, she has accrued almost 9,000 Instagram followers with more likely to follow in the coming days.

For the time being though, Voloshyna will be focused on goings on in the pool as she and teammate Lolita Ananasova go in search of medal glory.

While her efforts may ultimately prove in vain, she’s already done enough to ensure herself of a special place in Rio Olympics folklore.

Some fans, meanwhile, have been left wondering how Voloshyna’s sexy dance compares with that of Australian hurdler Michael Jenneke.

Jenneke is already one of the stars of these Olympics, helped in no small part by her memorable warm-up dance which has proven a hit with audiences across the globe.

Perhaps the pair could collaborate on some sort of dance together in the event they both take home medals.

Mind you, Ananasova may have something to say about that.

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