Olympic star soils himself mid-race but bravely continues on

French Olympian Yohann Diniz is having a really crappy day…

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Yohann Diniz has earned himself a special place in Olympic Games history after being captured on camera quite literally soiling himself during the men’s 50km walk race before bravely continuing.

Maybe it was down to a dodgy tummy, or perhaps it was just nerves but, for whatever reason, the Frenchman decided to say au revoir to the remnants of last night’s dinner just 15km into the race.

With the majority of those athletes competing in the walk race already moving with the familiar panicked rhythm of someone desperate for the lavatory, the incident may well have gone unnoticed in previous Games.

However, an eagle-eyed camera man was on hand to capture the horrific moment in all of its glory as streams of liquid fecal matter made their way down the back of his legs while he soldiered on.


L’Equipe has since reported that Diniz was suffering from a stomach bug, though events at the London Olympics may have played a part.

Four years ago the then-reigning European Champion Diniz was disqualified from the same event, denying him the chance of earning a coveted Gold medal.

And, unfortunately, it’s proven to be a similar disappointing story in Rio, with the Frenchman’s stomach troubles ultimately leading to an 8th place finish.

Despite this, he had earned the respect of the watching world after successfully finishing the race despite his obvious difficulties.

Right now, though, the only one loaded really has sympathy for is his kit man.

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