Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney Courts Controversy On Instagram

The American, who shot to fame for being rather moody at London 2012, is back.

US olympian McKayla Maroney
Is everything okay McKayla? The Olympian had fans worried for a while. Image Getty/Instagram

When a video first surfaced featuring Olympic gymnast (and living, breathing internet meme) McKayla Maroney, wearing next to nothing and doing a little dance, fans were obviously confused.

The clip, which arrived on the Olympian’s Instagram feed, was entirely out of character for the largely reserved 21-year-old star.

Some even speculated that the clip’s arrival online could have been the result of some sort of hack, with many of Maroney’s 1.2 million followers voicing their concerns in the comments section of the post.

But that’s proven to be pretty wide of the mark.

Taking to social media once again, Maroney shot down any suggestion the upload hadn’t been intended. “I didn’t get hacked,” she wrote. “Unfollow if u need to. all love.”

another world premiere

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It’s perhaps understandable that fans would think it was a hack though. Back in 2014, alleged nude images of the gymnast found their way online, with Maroney later slamming the images as fakes.

In any case, her latest, very real video, features a scantily clad Maroney dancing, has proven popular with fans, amassing millions of views in a very short space of time.

All of which could be good news for the young star, who retired from gymnastics last summer to pursue a career as a pop star.

Maroney made international headlines in the summer of 2012, after her unhappy reaction to landing a silver medal at the London games was captured for all the world to see – going viral in the process.

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