Is This The Most Offensive Full English Breakfast Of All-Time?

Fry up fans are losing their collective shit over this monstrosity.

A picture of a fry-up.

A hip Cardiff café is attracting the ire of fry up lovers up and down the land after presenting arguably the most offensive full English breakfast of all-time.

Munchies has gone viral after a picture of the establishment’s breakfast jar offering went viral online. All the familiar elements of the standard fry up are in place, with just one major change – the entire lot has been shoved inside a glass mason jar.

Several major Facebook groups like The Fry Up Police and other fans online have voiced their utter disgust at the new offering.

There is a method to the madness of course – it’s apparently been created for those that fancy a takeaway fry up – but that hasn’t stopped the café’s manager from receiving death threats.

It’s even got to a point where Munchies has had to take to social media to urge trolls to stop abusing them online over their contentious menu choice.

A Munchies fry-up.
Munchies fry-up What the hell is this? Image Munchies

The crux of the complaints appear to focus on the fact this new fry up in a jar forgets one of the golden rules of any good cooked breakfast – the option to be able to keep all of the different elements separate.

It’s something Steve Coogan’s Alan Partridge often preached, with the Radio Norwich presenter a firm believer in “distance between the egg and the beans” with “the sausage as a breakwater.”

The fry up in a jar is also the latest example of the new wave of hipster-inspired food presentation, with meals presented in everything from garden spades to miniature shopping trolleys and even shot glasses.

The full English was supposed to be immune to it but it’s not and now nothing will be the same.

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