This “Obscene” Australian Advert Is Going Viral For All The Wrong Reasons

The hilarious ad has been criticised by watchdogs everywhere.

Australian advert
Australia Is today a day to celebrate? Image Getty Images

Australia boasts some of the most stunning beaches and incredible weather you’ll find on the planet, so they must have an easy time getting people to go there, right? Wrong…

You’d think it’d be relatively straightforward to sell the idea of going to Aussie, but the tourism board managed to really screw things up recently with a hugely controversial ad.

An advert for the country’s Northern Territory has been called “obscene” by watchdogs after it went viral, and it’s easy to see why.

As BBC News reports, the controversial and hilarious image features the slogan “see you in the Northern Territory”, which has been shortened to ‘CU in the NT’.

See what they did there? Take a look below:

obscene advert
CU in the NT is this the most offensive ad ever? Image Facebook /CU in the NT

We’re no travel experts here at loaded, but we’re guessing that having the word ‘c***’ written in big letters might not be the best way to entice potential holidaymakers.

They even made T-shirts from the design, although it’s hard to imagine they sold many.

It looks like the board were intentionally trying to be funny with the ad, but not everyone was impressed. The Advertising Standards Board reportedly said it “obscene and not appropriate in advertising in any form”.

If anything though, it’s made us want to visit. Will we CU in the NT anytime soon too?

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