Oasis Reunion Rumoured To Be On The Cards In 2017

Reports suggest Liam and Noel Gallagher could make peace with a tour in the offing.

Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher of OasisImage Picture eOne

Liam and Noel Gallagher could be set for the most unlikely of reunions, with reports suggesting Oasis will get back together for a comeback tour in 2017.

The Gallagher brothers have long rebuffed any suggestion they would get back together, having last performed as Oasis way back in August 2009.

However, a report from Australian music news website Noise11 has sparked fresh rumours of a possible reconciliation.

According to the report, an unnamed UK rock band that enjoyed their heyday back in the 1990s and has close connections to Liam are rumoured to have been contacted over potentially performing as the opening act in a series of unspecified shows.

Supersonic Oasis documentary
Biblical Liam Gallagher on stage for Oasis. Image Picture eOne

So far, so vague, but then stranger things have happened – The Stone Roses reformed in recent years despite nearly two decades of squabbling between the former bandmates.

There are also plenty of potential candidates when it comes to the unnamed support act too with anyone from The Verve to Inspiral Carpets potentially in the frame.

Any reunion could ultimately hinge on Noel though, with Liam previously suggesting it was his older sibling who was preventing an Oasis reunion from happening.

“If people think me having a dig on Twitter is what’s stopping the band getting back together, they’re mad,” he told Radio X.

“If they want the band to get back together they’ll have to ask our kid. It’s down to our kid.”

Watch this space.

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