Nutella Pizza Is The First Great Viral Food Trend Of 2017

Could this be the ultimate comfort food?

Nutella Burger
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What the hell is going on with the world recently? Donald Trump is President of the US, the UK is heading out of the EU, and worst of all Freddos now cost a whopping 30p – outrageous!

The world doesn’t make much sense at the moment, but thankfully, one thing has emerged in these confused times which we can all celebrate.

Food geniuses online have come together to create a dish which mixes savoury with sweet to create the ultimate comfort food – the Nutella Pizza.

It might sound like a mix that defies all logic, but foodies around the world can’t get enough of the unusual creation, and it could be the perfect thing to take your mind off all the bad stuff happening in 2017.

#nutellapizza #nutella #nutellalovers #mums måste göra???????

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The #NutellaPizza hashtag has been increasingly popular on Instagram recently, and judging by some of the mouth-watering posts it’s not hard to see why.

There are endless variations of the unusual dish – from banana twists, to ice cream editions, and they all look strangely delicious.

Fancy trying it out for yourself? Why not follow a recipe and make it at home?

The dish might be the best way to combine two our favourite foods we’ve ever seen, and has to go down as the most exciting fast food development since the Land, Sea and Air burger.

In fact, experimental Pizza is all the range in 2017, after 7/11 introduced a breakfast pizza, which brilliantly mixed the classic Italian dish with a fry up.

We all need comforting in 2017, and the #NutellaPizza might just be the best comfort foot we’ve ever seen.

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