The Alarming Number Of Days We Spend Watching Screens Every Year

Are you sitting down for this? Well, then you might actually be part of the problem.

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The average British adult will spend an astonishing 117 days of the year staring at TV and computer screens.

By comparison, they will spend a grand total of just four days exercising over the same 365 day period. The statistics have been highlighted as part of a new study from, which polled 2,000 people as part of the research.

According to the findings, Brits spend around 47 days a year watching telly and around 18 playing computer games. That’s a lot of Xbox One. The biggest problem, however, appears to be with computers , with the study showing that the average adult spends 51 days a year browsing the internet.

The figures comes as streaming services like Netflix seemingly continue to facilitate the binge-watching of entire series, whether they be on TV, laptop, phone or tablet and it’s only going to get worse, with a new offline option allowing users to access content at every waking moment.

And to put some of these figures into perspective, that total of 117 days Is close to the number of hours the average person spends sleeping every year.

The research made for depressing reading north of the border with Scotland the worst offenders when it comes to screen watching, averaging around 125 days a year.

It’s probably worth noting that these numbers did not fact in the amount of time people spent in front of computers at work.

Netflix and chill
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The research also highlighted how Brits skip around six social gatherings a year simply because they can’t be arse with around two thirds of responsdents claiming they just wanted to relax.

Some of the most popular reasons for ditching a mate included watching TV (28%), watching football (23%) and playing video games (17%).

Steve Laidlaw, director at, said, “With the continual rise of social media, Brits no longer need to physically attend social events to catch up with their friends.

Stranger Things season 2 will bring back its young stars
Stranger Things Netflix has even bigger plans for 2017 Image Picture Netflix

Alongside this, fitness programmes can now be undertaken in the comfort of our own home, which means that there’s even more reasons to stay at home on the sofa.”

Southerners were also found to be the least social with Londoners skipping around 33% of all gatherings they were invited too though we day say that could have something to do with the price of a pint in this God forsaken town. Just a thought.

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