The Number Of Chinese And Indian Meals You’ll Eat In A Lifetime

Those Saturday nights in add up to a lot of Vindaloos and sweet and sour pork balls.

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The average bloke will consume close to 2,000 Indian curries and other dishes in his lifetime, a new study has claimed.

According to the research, the average Brit will ingest 1,890 throughout the course of their life and chow down on a further 1,701 Chinese meals.

The study, conducted by Giraffe World Kitchen, polled 2,000 people as part of the research, which indicated that adults eat around 14,175 exotic dishes from the ages of 18 to 81.

That figure is almost double the 7,812 traditional British dishes eaten over the same time period, according to the study, in a finding that is sure to have Nigel Farage choking on his pint.

In fact, the study found just over one in 10 people eat traditional British fare at least once a week with around 2.5m Brits avoiding even that.

Despite the high quantity of Indian dishes scarfed down, Italian cuisine was the most popular choice among the UK public, with the average joe eating around 3,276 meals including familiar pasta and pizza dishes in their lifetime.

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International dishes are increasingly popular too, with the study showing around eight in 10 respondents reckon they will eat more of it than before.

Alex Meyer from Giraffe World Kitchen said: “As a nation, we are travelling the world more than ever and experiencing more exotic and international cuisines and this is being reflected on our dinner tables and in the meals we choose when eating out.

“Italian, Chinese and American cuisines are even consumed so much in the UK, that many consider them to be British meals, with people becoming fans of food of more exotic places such as Peru, the Middle East and Africa.”

Here’s a breakdown of the 10 most popular world cuisines:

  1. Italian
  2. Chinese
  3. Indian
  4. American
  5. Mexican
  6. Spanish
  7. Thai
  8. French
  9. Greek
  10. Japanese

And here’s a breakdown of meals eaten across a lifetime (Per year/Per lifetime):

Italian – 52/3,276

Chinese – 27/1,701

Indian – 30/1,890

American – 33/2,079

Mexican – 13/819

Thai – 9/567

French – 10/630

Greek – 9/567

Spanish – 12/756

Middle Eastern – 6/378

African – 4/252

Japanese – 6/378

Turkish – 5/315

Peruvian – 3/189

Caribbean – 6/378

International – 225/14,175

British – 124/7,812

Food lovers are becoming more adventurous according to the study, with 82% claiming they seek something different when at home or eating out while seven out of 10 respondents reckon they would choose a restaurant serving world cuisine when they go out.

Not sure about you, but all this talk is making loaded hungry. Now where is that takeaway menu…

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