Nude Yoga Girl Is The Inspirational Instagram Account You Need In Your Life

She’s been delivering wisdom and carefully arranged Instagram images since 2015.

Instagram star Naked Yoga Girl.
Naked Yoga Girl The Instagram inspiration Image Naked_YogaGirl/Instagram.

Life is an incessantly stressful and frantic experience, full of any number of obstacles designed to derail your once perfect plans. It’s not easy for any of us.

Social media hardly helps either; providing a platform for people to present a polished vision of their so-called perfect lives.

Not all social media comes with this intent of course. Take Nude_YogaGirl, the Instagram inspiration, for example.

Since 2015, an unknown model, whose identity is a closely guarded secret, has been sharing “nude yoga” photos online.

Okay, so loaded knows what you are thinking: “What’s the big deal?” Right? “Plenty of douchebags spend their days posting images of their immaculate looking bodies online!” – Nude Yoga Girl is different.

For one thing, all of her “nude” images are tastefully put together to ensure they stay within the lines when it comes to Instagram’s strict no nipples rule and approach to nudity in general.

The images are not just there for a bit of eye candy either; each is accompanied by a few words of wisdom which, when combined with the striking and artful images offered up, makes for a calming and encouraging experience.

Maybe life isn’t so bad after all, right? At least there is someone out there willing to celebrate their bodies and offer up words of encouragement.

Examples include: “Elegance is not what you wear and it is not about how you wear it, but it’s more about who you are.” So true, for guys too, right?

Whatever the appeal Nude Yoga Girl is fast becoming and Instagram phenomenon with 670,000 followers to her name already.

Four Steps. 1. Find yourself ❤ 2. Love yourself ❤ 3. Accept yourself ❤ 4. Be yourself ❤

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It’s spawned a raft of copycats too, as everyone looks to get in on the Yoga action on Instagram. There’s only one Nude Yoga Girl though.

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