Nude Skiers Strip Off for Raunchy Record Breaking Downhill Run

The 2018 Siberian snow festival in Sheregesh attracted a record number of visitors.

Siberia isn’t somewhere you would associate with naked frolics in the sun but it’s a different story at the mountain side ski resort of Sheregesh.

Every year the resort plays host to thousands of skiers and snowboarders from all over the world, who cast off their worries by casting off their clothes and hitting the slopes.

Men and women alike strip down to their bikinis and swim shorts before taking to the slopes for a daring downhill descent as part of the annual GrelkaFest event.

Once home to a Stalinist-era mining settlement complete with bleak looking Gulag, Sheregesh in the Kemerovo region in Siberia now represents the region’s best downhill skiing resort.

It’s also now home to a Guinness World Record too after a whopping 1,525 scantily clad skiers and snowboarders set a record for the most participants in a single downhill race.

That number was up on last year’s 1,496 and earned the approval of Stanislav Konenko, editor of the Russian Book of Records.

“I am often asked which record is the most interesting,” he told Siberian Times. “I always say that this is the coolest record.”

A participant named Carolina took home the main prize for her efforst in the race, having travelled to Siberia from Uganda. Other participants turned up from Sweden and Canada.

Kristina Tikhomirova, another participant, reflected: “I was told that Siberian girls are the craziest and most fearless – and they are completely right…It was an explosive day.”

Grelkafest certainly sounds like a lot of fun, with ski-jumping, snowboarding competitions and beauty contests all part of the fun along with live music and all sorts of mayhem.

The world may be on its knees with Russia potentially facing the prospect of another Cold War but at least people are finally having fun in Siberia, which is something no one could have even predicted.

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