Nude Cleaner Reveals Cold Realities Of Her Lucrative Job

Cleaning other people's homes in the buff might pay the big bucks but there's a catch.

If the idea of a naked woman carefully cleaning every nook and cranny of your house sounds like something out of a 1970s bongo flick, then get ready for a shock.

Because not only are professional nude cleaners a real thing but from the sounds of it they are very much here to stay. Naturist Cleaners are arguably the biggest company in this particular field in the UK. They offer clothed cleaners at a price of £25 an hour, with naked cleaners come in at £45 an hour.

That price doesn’t include the £20 booking fee for clothed cleaners, with nude cleaner booking incurring a £30 charge. There must be more paperwork or something. Customers can then select cleaners based on photos and their own preferences.

But what the hell actually goes on during a naked cleaning session? Some weird, duster-based Eyes Wide Shut shizz? Do customers watch it? Fortunately, a woman by the name of Sia Rodney recently revealed all during an interview with the Derby Telegraph.

Sia signed up for the service to earn a bit of extra cash and it’s certainly done the trick – she rakes in £45 an hour for their services. Evidently Naturist Cleaners pocket that pesky booking fee. The application process sounds normal enough. Well, minus the whole sending them pictures of yourself.

“I had a Skype interview, sent some pictures. Then there was a conversation to make sure I was comfortable with the job and knew what the rules were,” Rodney said. “I understood that, if anyone gets out of line, I need to call [Naturist Cleaners founder] Laura.

“The first client she sent me to was someone who booked before. She let me know that so I would feel comfortable. They ended up being a regular client.” The mother-of-three, who has her husband’s backing with her new line of work, revealed most clients were either nudists themselves or people interested in the nudist lifestyle.

“The first people like that were a husband and wife who were in their 60s and wanted to start going to nudist places,” Sia said. “I went there a few times and they ended up booking a round the world trip to visit nudist beaches and have some fun. I guess in that sense my visits worked.”

Cleaners are asked to arrive on time and “respectably dressed”. They disrobe privately and get to work, always being mindful of corrosive substances like bleach. Nothing sexual happens, while clients are also forbidden from filming or taking photos. All of the cleaners’ personal information is also protected in the event of any uncomfortable encounters.

In any case, Rodney says she has never had a negative experience. “When I first get there, sometimes you think are they asking me the rules because they want to push your limits. But every time I explain the rules and they pretty much understand,” she said.

“I really enjoy it. It’s nice going to talk to people interested in similar things. Naturists tend to be interested in things like the environment and recycling. Hippies I guess, like me — I have that attitude.”

The company is taking applications from the public too, though it should be stressed that the demand for female cleaners far outweighs the demand for male ones. Who would have guessed…

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