Now Your Penis Can Pump Iron

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Getting swole just took on a whole new meaning.

A company called The Private Gym is offering up a device designed to strengthen the muscles in the penis for a better and longer sexy time. There’s a whole FDA approved 8-week training regime included in the (pardon us) package.

Developed with world renowned urologist, surgeon, professor and author Dr. Andrew Seigel who saw, for some reason, a need to teach men how to strengthen the pelvic muscles, the tool itself is a small ring that you attach to your hardware with accompanying silicone covered magnetic weights that pull down on the situation.

With consistent use it will heighten the time before a “happy ending” significantly. In fact 90% of men who used it have confirmed this while the product costs around £80 and is shipping worldwide.

Joking aside, it’s also heralded as a therapeutic tool for prostate cancer survivors, who are trying to regain normal function.


We leave you with some memorable customer commentary:

“First night it arrived I was excited!

“Note: I’ve endured severe ED issues due to excessive masturbation and live to tell about it. Regular kegel exercise and going cold turkey on the fapping worked, Initially! I was not satisfied with the progress I was making it was too slow. Lucky me Lucky me I found the private gym.”

“Works like a charm, but with the power on, but it’s not being used, it won’t stay open and will start vibrating on it’s own. Scared me a few times!”

“We bought one for the office, needless to say, working with a bunch of programmer we needed something like this.

“Most guys at work found it amazing, we put it in a dark room for more privacy, I think it has been used for more than 100 times, still look like new, easy to clean, in the summer with all the guys it can become a bit sweaty.”

Pump it up, Gents.

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