North Korea gets own Netflix-style streaming service called Manbang

Manbang and chill, anyone?

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Ba-dum The thing you see before your next binge. Image Picture Netflix

North Korea has reportedly launched its own version of Netflix – but don’t expect it to ever feature Stranger Things or House of Cards.

The set-top box service, hilariously dubbed ‘Manbang’, will offer viewers documentaries about the country’s glorious leaders and lessons in Russian and English.

According to The Guardian, Manbang represents a significant leap forward for North Korean TV technology, seeing as the internet has limited availability in the country and a lack of secure internet servers.

“This is two-way communications…”

State broadcaster Korea Central Television said the technology is based on “two-way communications”.

“If a viewer wants to watch, for instance, an animal movie and sends a request to the equipment, it will show the relevant video to the viewer… this is two-way communications,” said state official Kim Jong-min.

Manbang consists of five different real-time TV channels of state-sanctioned programmes and up-to-date information on Kim Jong-un and the country’s “self-reliance” Juche political ideology.

Also on offer are archive articles from the Korean Central New Agency and official newspaper Rodong Sinmun.

Manbang and chill, anyone?

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