Noel Gallagher And Paul Weller Are Working On A James Bond Theme Song

After the disgrace of Sam Smith’s last effort, the could be the soundtrack we need

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Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher have been secretly working on a song they reckon is perfect for the next James Bond outing.

Weller revealed as much during an interview with the BBC in which he expressed his desire to do justice to the musical legacy of 007.

“I want to write a James Bond theme tune,” he said.

“I’ve got this half a song that me and Noel Gallagher worked on and I think it would be great for a Bond theme. There’s a bit of minor key going on. That would be an ambition definitely.”

The song has already prompted one fan to set up a petition calling on long-time franchise producer Barbara Broccoli to let the duo do the song.

“After Sam Smith’s tame effort for Spectre, it’s time for something different and a James Bond theme from two of the greatest minds to come out of British music is exactly that,” the petition states.

U2 The band wrote the tune to Goldeneye. Image Getty Images

Stranger things have happened. Back in 1995, U2 penned the theme song to Goldeneye, with Tina Turner performing the finished track.

A similar scenario could be palatable this time round, with Gallagher and Weller completing the track before finding a different vocalist to perform it.

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