There Was A “No Trousers On The Tube Day” In London With Predictable Results

People took a trouserless ride on the Underground and it was all a little cringeworthy.

No trousers day on the London Underground.

If you happened to spot someone riding the London Underground without trousers over the weekend and thought it was a little off, don’t worry it’s not some strange pervert. Well, hopefully not.

No, as it turns out, Sunday January 7th marked the annual No Trousers On The Tube day. A concept first dreamed up back in 2002 and promoted by Facebook group The Stiff Upper Lip Society, No Trousers On The Tube day is supposed to be about liberation, or something to that effect.

There are only two set rules. Firstly, you must take your trousers off while on the Underground and, secondly, you have to keep a straight face while doing it.

Well, that’s not quite all the rules.

No trousers day on the London Underground.

Loud or tight-fitting underwear is strictly prohibited as are thongs, g-strings, mankinis and banana hammocks. Basically anything that is going to make people more uncomfortable than they already are.

And the reason behind all this trouser-less fun? Is it to raise money for a charity? Increase awareness around a particular issue? No, it’s not.

No trousers day on the London Underground.

It’s actually just about people getting their legs out and showing off some rather fetching pants. So, yeah, it’s a massive waste of time. Unless walking around in your pants is your thing.

Those involved weren’t expected to wear their pants beyond the tube of course. It’s far too cold for that sort of nonsense.

No trousers day on the London Underground.

They were encouraged to act as normal as possible though, by doing ordinary tube things like reading a book, listening to an iPod, or gazing off into the middle distance, wondering what happened to your life and your dreams.

Unfortunately, this year’s event appears to have attracted a veritable feast of show-offs, sporting some eye-catching underwear that’s clearly been picked in the name of humour.

No trousers day on the London Underground.

Will the annual No Trousers On The Tube Day continue in 2019, when it could potentially fall on a Monday?

Given the number of young Londoners partial to flash mobs and any number of gimmicky activities, we wouldn’t rule it out.

No trousers day on the London Underground.

Typical Londoners.

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