No more yawns of justice – watch

The latest Batman v Superman trailer finally kicks off

Batman vs Superman cast featuring Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Amy Adams
Batman v Superman The film led some cinema-goers to take drastic action

After the teaser trailer earlier this week caused superhero fans to demand Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill’s heads to be put on spikes, it looks as if the latest and longer Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice preview could finally win the multiplexes over.

The three-minute preview actually has – gasp! – traces of humour. Jesse Eisenberg looks set to be more over the top than a Craig Gardner reducer as he takes on Superman’s nemesis Lex Luthor.

Chewing straight through any available scenery, Eisenberg roars: “If man doesn’t kill God, then let the devil do it!” A meaningless bit of hokum, perhaps, but it could easily end up being 2016’s big screen catchphrase.

Rough justice The more exciting full Batman v Superman trailer

Ben Affleck is nearly as camp, pouting away at Henry Cavill in Superman’s Clark Kent day-job guise. The Daily Planet hack is insanely jealous of Batman, only for Affleck to retort: “Gotham City has a bad history with freaks dressed like clowns.” Well, get her.

Cavill looks as if he might have to settle for playing the straight man in the trio, though he does a fabulous line in looking perplexed when first introduced to Bruce Wayne.

As she did in Man Of Steel, it sadly looks as if Amy Adams has pretty much nothing of substance to do. Her Lois Lane barely gets a look in.

The official line from BvS:DOJ (as precisely nobody will call it) studio Warner Bros is that the film will explore “the world wrestling with what sort of hero it really needs” before Luthor unveils an even tougher and tastier menace on the world…

Of course, there’s no way of pleasing every stripe of superhero fan. But it looks to us as if Affleck and Cavill may silence a few of those doubters after all once the film is released in March.

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