Nintendo Looks Set To Launch SNES Mini With 30 Classic Games Built-In

The development follows on from the success of the NES Mini

The Super Nintendo console.
The SNES A once-in-a-lifetime games console. Image Nintendo

Nintendo looks set to follow-up on the success of last year’s NES mini with a microconsole version of the games system’s 16-bit follow-up, the SNES. 

According to Eurogamer, the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System is set to arrive in time for Christmas 2017 with sources suggesting development is already well under way.

The move comes after the success of the NES mini, which was originally designed as a novelty Christmas item for 2016 but ultimately proved a smash hit with gamers old and new.

It is thought that the decision to discontinue the NES mini, rather than continue production and cater to the demand for the console, was reached with a view to developing a SNES mini in its place.

NES Minis continue to fetch substantial sums on eBay, with fans keen to dive into a wealth of classic titles that remain as enjoyable today as they were some three decades ago.

The NES Mini came with 30 built-in titles to choose from and play and it’s likely that the SNES will feature a similar number.

Super Mario World on the SNES.
Super Mario World On the SNES Image Nintendo

Games already being mentioned as likely for inclusion on the SNES mini include Donkey Kong Country and the Zelda adventure A Link To the Past as well as Super Metroid, Super Mario Kart, Super Mario World, Star Fox and Super Mario: Legend of the Seven Stars.

Nintendo has so far failed to comment on the reported plans but, if successful, then the console could yet one day pave the way for a miniature version of the Nintendo 64 console.

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