Super Mario theme offers perfect soundtrack to Michael Phelps’ Olympic success

The American is more super than Mario after claiming a 23rd Olympic gold.

Nintendo Super MarioImage Picture Nintendo

With 23 Gold Medals to his name, Michael Phelps is fast becoming swimming’s answer to Super Mario – an unstoppable force, always moving forward in pursuit of shiny, circular rewards.

So it makes sense that some clever sort off the internet would soundtrack his Rio Olympic endeavours with the Nintendo icon’s all-too-familiar theme music.

Created by YouTube and Facebook favourite RetroSFX, a channel dedicated to pairing films with video-game sounds, the clip in question focuses on Phelps’ 200-meter butterfly final victory.

Arguably the most memorable of Phelps’ encounters in Rio, this race saw Phelps deliver the ultimate death stare to rival Chad Le Clos right before soundly beating his South African rival.

Anyway, the footage, which comes with the same familiar Super Mario sound effects, has proven a massive hit online and certainly ranks among the highlights of the Games so far.

Not that the US swimming team has had it all their own way in Rio, as Ryan Lochte attests.

Firstly, the 32-year-old was left back in 5th during the 200m individual medley, then it emerged that the mysterious green waters of the Rio swimming pools had turned his peroxide blonde hairdo green and now it has emerged he was robbed in Rio.

Phelps should think twice before taking a stroll out with those medals round his neck.

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