Nintendo Set To Resurrect Game Boy For A Classic Mini Edition

The Japanese gaming giant is following up the success of the SNES mini in style.

The Game Boy is back.
The Game Boy is back. And this is going to be great.

Nintendo looks set to re-release the original Game Boy handheld console, as the company continues to revive some of its classic consoles of yesteryear.

The NES and SNES Classic Mini have both already arrived to rave reviews and huge demand and Nintendo appear eager to continue forward with its retro-gaming revival plans.

According to a patent report uncovered from September 2017, Nintendo has trademarked the design of the original 1989 Game Boy handheld – you know, the big, blocky white one gamers everywhere grew up playing.

The patent is a broad one and includes home video game consoles and programmes for smartphones as well as phone cases, covers and other accessories.

Though it’s been suggested that an original Game Boy Classic Mini could be on the way, complete with a raft of built-in original titles, another possibility may be that Nintendo is planning on bringing some of its classic Game Boy titles to smartphone.

They may not be done on the classic console revival front either, having previously registered a patent for the iconic controllers that accompanied the Nintendo 64 – aka the home of Goldeneye.

With retro gaming an increasingly popular market for newcomers and old gamers looking to relive their glory days, there could be more to come.

Sega has already licensed several classic Mega Drive/Genesis titles for smartphone, while there have been several updated incarnations of the original 16-bit console.

Just don’t expect to see the Sega Game Gear or Saturn make a return anytime soon. We’d love to see the Dreamcast back again though – that console was seriously underrated.

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