Major details begin to emerge about Nintendo’s newest console

The Nintendo NX will have detachable controllers

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Information is beginning to trickle out with regards to the upcoming Nintendo NX console, including details on a new Mario game along with a price and release date.

For the past couple of console generations Nintendo hasn’t really made a point of trying to compete with Sony or Microsoft in terms of processing power and graphics. Instead they’ve been more content with just doing their own thing and being experimental with what they bring out.

This trend looks set to continue with the NX, with some calling it their most experimental console to date.

Reddit sources have been revealing details about it over the weekend and here’s some of the key things being talked about:-


One rather cool detail that has leaked is the ‘detachable’ controllers which will allow you to take the game with you on the go and then ‘dock’ it when you get back home to transition to using it like a traditional console.

A phrase seen on the poster is describing this feature as being able to ‘interact with your game on the go’.

Nintendo NX release date

It’s also been revealed that the NX is targeting a March 2017 release date and will priced in the vicinity of 349.99. It’s expected to have four launch titles, one of which is a new Mario game.

The games on physical media

The games themselves are going to be on cartridges rather than discs which is a nice throwback.

No official announcement has come from Nintendo yet so naturally take all this information with a pinch of salt for the moment.

We’re certainly intrigued to know more.

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