Nintendo Entertainment System undergoes another face-lift

The custom-build Analogue NT is back and smaller than ever.

Another look at the The Nintendo inspired Analogue NT.Image Analogue NT

The market for retro gaming thrills is thriving right now with plans afoot to bring improved versions of the Sega Mega Drive and Nintendo Entertainment System already afoot.

A newly-miniaturised version of the NES, in particular, has hit home with fans of retro gaming, keen to relive the titles they whiled away their youth playing.

But while the new-look NES may be aesthetically pleasing enough, it could soon have company in the form of an eye-catching alternative offering more gaming freedom than before – along with a pretty hefty price tag.

The Analogue Nt is already a popular enough product.

Designed using a block of aircraft grade aluminium, this expensive and slightly more sophisticated reworking of the NES has regularly attracted interest and significant online bids since its debut in 2014.

But now a smaller and even more sophisticated version is on the way.

The Nintendo inspired Analogue NT.

Some 20 per cent smaller than the previous model the new Analogue Nt retains the same aluminium casing and is capable of playing any and all cartridges from the original system – unlike the new version which comes with 30 built-in games.

It also boasts an HDMI connection and NES Retro Receiver that makes the console compatible with wireless Xbox One and Playstation controllers.

Not that you’ll need it with an 8Bitdo NES30 Bluetooth controller on hand.

A sleek, slick slice of gaming nostalgia, this deluxe, that offers improved HD graphics and represents the closest thing we may ever get to a coffee-table console, does not come cheap.

Due for release in January 2017, it could retail at around $449 or just under £350.

You might want to start saving now.

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