Nintendo 64’s long-lost rival to Gran Turismo discovered

Playstation cornered the market for 3D racing games but it could have been different.

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Nintendo 64 fans have been given a glimpse of what could have been after an avid gaming fan uncovered a demo version of Rev Limit – the racing game that was supposed to be the console’s answer to Gran Turismo.

Originally developed by Seta, the company behind SNES titles like Nosferatu and Exhaust Heat/F1 Race of Champions, Rev Limit had been tipped to emerge as the go-to racing game on the Nintendo console.

But financial issues put paid to the plan, with Seta forced to scale back their output in the late 1990s, with Rev Limit among the biggest casualties.

However, according to, one avid gaming collector has uncovered a playable copy of the game which, while a little rough around the edges, offers a glimpse of what could have been.

With Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer and Colin McCrae Rally all proving hugely popular on the Playstation, the N64 was in dire need of a racing game to rival these titles.

Mario Kart 64 undoubtedly remains a classic but, for the more serious driving game fans, pickings on the console was slim.

Ridge Racer 64, World Driver Championship and even Roadsters were all solid additions but lacked the polish or popularity of their lesser console rivals.

Almost 20 years on from the console’s heyday, the Nintendo 64 continues to throw up plenty of surprises.

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