Behind The Scenes With Nikki Bella On WWE’s Sexy Valentine’s Day Shoot

Some of WWE’s most stunning female stars stripped off or a lingerie shoot to remember.

WWE superstar Nikki Bella.
Nikki Bella The WWE superstar. Image Getty

The biggest female stars from the world of WWE gathered together ahead of Valentine’s Day for a special lingerie shoot.

Stars like Nikki Bella and Alexa Bliss led the way in super-steamy shoot that should have fans salivating – whether they consider themselves wrestling fans or not.

WWE has taken significant steps to shift the image surrounding female WWE stars of late, starting by ditching the company’s signature “Divas” tag.

But while the wrestling giant is evidently eager to change some aspects of the arrangement with women wrestlers in the business, it would appear that sex still sells.

The result is not only a new collection of eye-catching images featuring plenty of familiar faces from the world of wrestling but also a special behind the scenes video chronicling all the scantily clad action, while the full gallery of snaps can be viewed here.

Some fans may be left unhappy by the entire affair though, particularly as it signals something of a retreat on behalf of WWE who had appeared keen to champion more female stars in the coming months.

That may yet prove to be the case, but in the meantime female wrestling fans can at least console themselves with goings-on away from the ring.

For example, popular WWE star Paige is set to become the subject of her very own big-budget Hollywood movie.

Due to be produced by The Rock, who will also cameo, Game of Thrones actress Lena Headley has already been cast in the film alongside Nick Frost.

Every cloud and all that.

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