Nightclub Douchebag Drops £30k Bottle Of Champagne In Hilarious Viral Clip

The jeroboam bottle contained three litres of bubbly but didn’t last all that long.

Nightclub champagne douchebag.Image Facebook/Ibiza Club News

Everyone has been there: you’re out a night out, in a nightclub, and there’s a group sitting in a roped-off corner of the room making too much noise.

Invariably these pampered folk have got more money than sense, resulting in some lavish outfits and a few outrageous drinks orders designed to draw attention. Sometime they come in bottles with sparklers. Often the end result is the sight of some fake tanned-bell end pouring said booze down a pyramind of glasses.

To most neutrals it’s an entirely repulsive process and virtually unbearable to watch. But everyone once in a while something hilarious happens. This is one of those occasions. A rather flash looking geezer has gone viral fter a video of him making an absolute fool of himself went viral online.

The clip, which was originally posted to the Facebook group Ibiza Club News, features a smartly dressed man and a giant bottle of champagne. It’s actually something called a jeroboam, to be more precise, and is capable of carrying around three litres of booze.

These kinds of drinks don’t come cheap and that’s certainly the case here, with the bottle in question reported to be worth anywhere up to £30,000. Which made what happens next all the more hilarious.

As the man attempts to open the huge bottle of bubbly, he suffers the mother of all fails, mishandling the bottle which falls to the floor and begins drenching the dapper chap in booze.

A large portion of champagne also ends up on the floor, with the man desperately flailing about trying to preserve as much of the champagne as possible.

What makes the whole thing worse is that the incident appears to have been filmed by about 20 different onlookers, all of whom can’t help but laugh at the slapstick scenario in front of them.

His suit is ruined, his pride is dented and he’s some £30,0000 worse off – brilliant.

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