Nigel Farage’s new look sends Twitter into meltdown

Top of the Christmas list for Nige? Razor. Definitely.

Nigel Farage of UKIPImage REUTERS/Olivia Harris

Nigel Farage has sent social media into meltdown once again, but this time it’s not his political views that have got everyone talking but rather his choice of facial hair.

The former leader of UKIP appears to be keen on carving out a career in the media, with his very own show on the radio station LBC.

However, judging by his new look moustache, he may have a hankering for some work in the world of adult entertainment.

Nigel Farage has a new moustache.
That's, um Nice?

Mind you, he would probably need to step inside a time machine and set the dial back to 1970 if he wants to pull off that particular feat because there are only two words that comes to mind when looking at Nige’s ‘tache and they are simply “Ron Jeremy.”

Having been completely bowled over by Farage’s new facial hair, loaded was pleased to see the change had not gone unnoticed by Twitter, with a veritable feast of hiliarous comparisons made online already.

Here are a few of the best.

Some wondered whether it was all part of some clever disguise to avoid taking any responsibility for Brexit…

While there were those that viewed it as a “touching” tribute to one of his political “heroes”.

Some went down a slightly different route with the ‘tache comparisons…

While one respected news anchor was left almost hypnotised by the horror…

There were those that thought it was part of some cunning plan…

Others were less convinced…

And there were those that just revelled in the all-round stiff-upper-lippedness of the whole thing…

Personally, loaded just thought he looks like a bit of a tit, but when has that ever stopped our Nige? Never, that’s when.

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