Social media can’t stop laughing at Nigel Farage and Diane James

The embrace that launched a thousand Photoshops.

Nigel Farage of UKIPImage REUTERS/Olivia Harris

Nigel Farage and Diane James have found themselves at the centre of social media ridicule after an awkward embrace at the Ukip conference.

James was elected the right-wing party’s new leader in Bournemouth today, and the moment was sealed with a puckering Farage lurching towards James, arms clamped around her body to go in for the kill kiss.

Naturally this gave social media plenty of ammunition to go wild with Photoshops ripping the p*ss out of the outgoing Ukip leader and his prey.

One tweeter saw Diane James as Sigourney Weaver facing the Alien Queen…

Another threw John Travolta into the mix

General Boles was at it again with another corker

Then there was this excellent offering…

Everything always comes back to Star Wars…

An Al Murray vs Nigel Farage reference from General Boles – he’s got this nailed…

In years to come, we’ll all remember this as the photo that launched a thousand Photoshops. Okay, maybe a good half dozen that really made us laugh.

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