Nicole Scherzinger got flashed by a caller on The X Factor, and she could not cope

Things took an unexpected turn on Sunday night...

Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls.
Nicole Scherzinger The X Factor judge did NOT expect this on Sunday

The X Factor took an unexpected turn on Sunday night (October 16), after Nicole Scherzinger got flashed by a caller on live TV.

The former Pussycat Girl singer was talking to callers via skype on spin-of show The Xtra Factor, when she was confronted by a man in a silk dressing gown.

The caller, called James, was lying out casually in his penthouse when he asked Louis Walsh a question about the show, but that wasn’t all he wanted to share with the judges…

Nicole flirtatiously asked about his “tuckage” situation, only for James to give her an unexpected flash (skip to 5:58).

The crowd sent into hysterics, and Nicole flipped out – which probably would have been our reaction too to be honest…

When she’s not being flashed on The X Factor, Nicole is always treating her Instagram followers to stunning posts.

#Ibiza take me away…

A photo posted by Nicole Scherzinger (@nicolescherzy) on

The singer recently uploaded a video of herself dancing in the shower aboard a private yacht singing her song Run.

That’s not the only brilliant video she posted recently either, after she showed off her twerking skills on holiday in Ibiza.

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