From Eyes Wide Shut to Batman Forever: Nicole Kidman’s sexiest movie moments

She's to die for...

Nicole Kidman
To Die For Nicole Kidman, a classy Hollywood beauty.

Nicole Kidman might have made a name for herself in weighty Oscar-bait dramas, but when it comes to shattering a chilly facade and scorching up the screen few A-listers are better.

As Kidman turns 49, what better time than now to head through the YouTube vaults and pick out her sexiest film moments?

From romping with Billy Zane to tussling with Batman, here are some choice selections from Kidman’s career so far.


Dead Calm (1989)

A tense-as-hell thriller set on the open seas, Kidman and Sam Neill play a couple who stumble across a survivor in the Pacific. That man is dangerous psychopath Billy Zane, who proceeds to bonk Kidman’s Rae Ingram and throw the whole yacht holiday into turmoil.


To Die For (1995)

The film that cemented Kidman as a star and took her out of then-husband Tom Cruise’s shadow, To Die For cast her as an ambitious, career-climbing weather girl. Kidman’s Suzanne Stone used her wily charms to get three teens – among them a young Joaquin Phoenix – to kill her husband.


Batman Forever (1995)

It takes something special to top Michelle Pfeiffer’s Catwoman, but Kidman did just that as psychologist Chase Meridian in Batman Forever. All she wanted was to get inside Bruce Wayne’s head… little surprise, then, that they ended up in bed.


Eyes Wide Shut (1999)

Even a bad movie from Stanley Kubrick is better than most films in the multiplexes these days. Eyes Wide Shut had the benefit of Kidman in red hot form as the wandering eyed wife of Tom Cruise. This was the closest Kubrick ever got to making all-out porn – and he did it with two of the biggest stars on the planet.


The Paperboy (2012)

This movie isn’t remembered for much besides Kidman peeing on Zac Efron to neutralise a jellyfish sting. That might be a turn on for some, but for most it was Kidman’s red hot scenes with John Cusack’s death row inmate that got viewers hot under the collar.

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