Nicolas Cage and John Travolta engage in terrible movie poster Face/Off

The twin kings of late-90s action movies have gone off the boil of late.

Move Poster Fail Face/Off Which is the worse movie poster?

There was a time when Nicolas Cage and John Travolta could do no wrong.

Back in the 1990s, when Cage was basking in the glory of his Oscars success for Leaving Las Vegas and Travolta was on the up in the wake of Pulp Fiction, the pair were the toast of Hollywood.

And that status took them to strange new heights in Face/Off – one of the most ridiculously violent action sci-fi films to ever arrive in Hollywood.

Travolta and Cage swapped faces, swapped personalities and even swapped women in John Woo’s absurd actioner that should have been the launchpad for even bigger and better things.

Heck, they even posed in a pair of extremely-90s blue blazers, for no reason other than a seeming desire to look like Pontins reps.

An interesting look
An interesting look

Unfortunately Cage, Travolta and even Woo have never hit those same heights again and, as we flash forward to the present day, the two actors are in danger of slipping off the A-list once and for all.

Cage, who has encountered financial troubles, was most recently in the headlines after starring in a contender for the worst looking movie poster of all time:

Well that's not Nicolas Cage...
Well that's not Nicolas Cage...

Maybe it’s Elijah Wood’s boggle-eyed expression or the fact that Cage’s head has quite clearly been grafted onto someone else’s body but there is something not quite right about the promo image for The Trust – and that’s before we even get to the dodgy 70s porno moustache.

However, not to be outdone by his former Face/Off foe, Travolta has now gone and made a poster for an equally abysmal looking and most likely straight to video title:


It’s difficult to know where to start with Travolta and I Am Wrath.

The early 2000s hair dye job is embarrassing enough, but, once again, it’s plainly obvious that this isn’t Travolta’s body, with the actor’s face stuck on the body of some sort of Chris Evans lookalike.

Neither film looks like offering much in the way of entertainment either but, despite their ongoing issues, it’s nice to think that the two continue to engage in their own Face/Off style battle.

What a shame that this one involves movie posters rather than Ferris wheels, harpoons, sea prisons and magnetic shoes.

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