Nicolas Cage Is Back To His Crazy Chainsaw-Wielding Best In Blood-Soaked ‘Mandy’ Trailer

Don't call it a comeback, calling it a Cage-aissance

Nicolas Cage in Mandy.

Whisper it quietly, if you must, but the fact of the matter is this: Nicolas Cage is back.

He may not quite be at the dizzy heights that saw him deliver an incredible late 90s one-two-three of The Rock, Con Air and Face/Off, but suddenly Cage is getting crazy again – and we like it.

Having already delivered a deliciously deranged performance in the Mom and Dad alongside Selma Blair, Big Nic is about to take things to a new level of insanity if the trailer for new movie Mandy is anything to go by.

Set in the 1980s, Cage plays lumberjack type Red Muller, who is happily living his days out in the serene woods of the Pacific Northwest with his wife Mandy when the film starts.

The fact Mandy is being played by the always-excellent Andrea Riseborough is a great start, but it’s the bats*** crazy plot that’s got us hooked.

Soon enough their tranquil life is disrupted by a crazy cult led by a sadistic chap by the name of Jeremiah Sand, played by the suitably slimy Linus Roache.

It doesn’t take long before a crazed bunch of cultists and strange supernatural creatures invade his life with grim consequences for all.

Left a broken and bereft man, Cage’s Red is left with little alternative but to fight back in deliciously bloody style.

A bloody, eye-catching vengeance story, Mandy takes things up a notch with some gruesomely delightful action.

The trailer’s most notable moment comes when Cage’s character finds himself involved in a full-blown chainsaw fight which looks every bit as brilliant as it sounds.

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