Nicolas Cage Is Next Level Crazy In Exclusive Looking Glass Trailer

By Jack Beresford

March 26, 2018

Nicolas Cage is bringing a new kind of crazy to the big screen if the exclusive trailer for his latest thriller, Looking Glass, is anything to go by.

The film tells the story of Ray (Cage) and Maggie (Robin Tunney), a couple who purchase a motel in the middle of nowhere hoping to build a new life for themselves following the death of their daughter.

But soon enough Ray begins to notice strange goings-on and starts to piece together the history of a bizarre murder associated with the motel.

Poking around in a basement one day, Ray even discovers a crawl space, which leads to a two-way mirror into one of the rooms.

As he becomes obsessed with the unusual activities that happen beyond the looking glass, his marriage, sanity and his very life are threatened. Yep, we’re into crazy Cage territory.

Looking Glass is a new thriller from Tim Hunter, a filmmaker best known for the cult thriller River’s Edge, and a noted television director known for Gotham, American Horror Story and classic era Twin Peaks.

Due to be released digitally on April 16 and on DVD on April 23, Looking Glass looks suitably creepy, blending elements of the Luke Wilson thriller Vacancy and the recent Netflix documentary series Voyear.

2018 is fast shaping up to be the year of the Cage-onaissance, with the Face/Off actor already slated to appear in a string of memorably deranged movies.

Mom and Dad saw Cage team-up with Crank director Brian Taylor for a suitably deranged tale about two kids forced to fight back their parents after an unknown mass hysteria causes mothers and fathers everywhere to turn on their offspring.

There’s also the prospect of his upcoming effort, Mandy, which sees Cage on a vengeful rampage as a lonely and desolate man seeking payback from the crazed religious cult behind the murder of his partner.